15 Naughty Date Night Ideas to Spice Up the Love With your Partner

Naughty date night ideas can help spice up the love in your relationship. In fact, love in marriage or relationship can be solid if the foundation is solid, and research reveals that date nights can help to strengthen this relationship foundation. The essential thing is to create time to focus on your relationship outside the regular everyday activities of managing your children and work.

Creating time for the both of you indicates that you are creating a special space for one another and prioritizing each other. It also allows you and your partner to reconnect, ignite the romance, and even unwind after a stressful day.

Normal date nights keep your relationship alive. Moreover, you need naughty date night ideas to rekindle the romance.  Even if the both of you are in a long-term relationship, or you have just started dating each other, or you are married for some years now; date nights are necessary in relationship.

It is not all your date nights that are going to be filled with rose petals and candlelit meals (though there is nothing wrong with that). On the flip side, if you are yearning for some romance, you shouldn’t wait for your partner  to plan something special, take the reins and arrange the evening of your desire yourself.

We have all heard that constant date nights are necessary to keep a marriage or relationship healthy and strong. So, in this article, we have compiled some naughty night date ideas to spice up the love in your relationship. Read them below.

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15 Naughty Date Night Ideas to Spice Up the Love With your Partner


1. Spend your night date at home

One of the satisfactory ways to have a remarkable date night is to spend it at home because it makes your date night more comfortable. Some people may not like staying at home for their night date but turning your home into a sex nest is better.

2. Create a romantic setting

Set a romantic environment in your home after a long day at work. You can transform your living room into a romantic room by covering the lamps with colored scarves, light perfumed candles and incense, and place fresh flowers in the room. For a few hours your living room is turned into your own sensual play area.

3. Food

Whether you want to use the whole day with your partner or you are clasping to a nighttime date, you will certainly want to include food in your plans. Eating will give you strength for later, when things get a bit extra intimate. If you would like to stay in, cooking dinner together can be fun and offer you lots of chances for romantic moments, like taste-testing the meal together.

You both can decide to go to a restaurant where there are less people but you do not have to go out to a restaurant to enjoy your night date. It can be just as private, and help to enjoy a quiet and romantic meal at home. Eating a dinner at home is even cheaper than eating in a restaurant and even more remarkable.

You both can take an online cooking lecture. If you have always wished to learn to cook certain meals, or you think it is romantic to play with food together in the kitchen, try to search on YouTube for cooking videos.

Though you may be relatively used to eating at home, in this type of date do not be familiar with eating at home. Relieve tension and linger over your dinner, hold hands, gaze into each other’s eyes, and even touch your feet together under the table.

4. Turn your home to a cinema

Planning an indoor movie night is simple and cheap because all that is required is the movie and some snacks. Use your free time in front of the television or a laptop as this makes it unique and different from the norm (going to cinemas).

Set the scene with lots of sheets and pillows or even a mattress on the floor. Have lots of fun by bringing in snacks, like candies or popcorn. Choose a movie you would not watch when your kids are around. You can choose a themed movie, such as a movie from the area you were brought up in or the first movie you watched together.

5. Dance! Dance! Dance!

You both can finally get a chance to learn to salsa together without the crippling fear of embarrassing yourself in front of others. Or if you missed dancing your heart out on Saturday nights, you can set up a club in your living room. Put on soft lights, play loud music, put in a disco ball and some lights if you have them, and pop a few bottles to have that actual nightclub feeling.

Dancing is generally about being intimate, being attuned with one another’s bodies, and working like a team. From salsa to swing, dancing with your partner brings more rewards than the chance to get physically intimate. Dancing is a recreation that needs patience, union, and trust, which are also peculiarities worth cultivating for a strong relationship.

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6. Try to play a sexy board game

Turn gaming into a sexy pleasure. This is one of the naughty date night ideas you should try. There are various games that are made solely for couples, and have lots of unique and delightful ideas as game time is couple’s time. It offers you and your partner the chance to spend a one-to-one moment together while doing something relaxing.

You can create a board game by yourself. Creating a board game jointly or playing all of your favorite games can keep you fascinated when you do not want to purchase a board game.

Sometimes it can be hard to get double player board games. But there are games to get started with; Backgammon, Battleship,  Boggle, Checkers, Chess, Connect 4, Jenga, Mancala, Qwirkle, Rummikub, Scrabble Sequence, Ticket to Ride, Uno and Yahtzee. Some of these games are normally kids’ games, but that can make them even more interesting as it can bring back sweet and lovely memories. Other board games that can be played by two persons include puzzles and card games.

7. Play Video Games instead of board games

To spark up healthy competition, playing video games can be an even nicer option than playing board games. In video games, you end up having a ‘conqueror’ and a ‘loser’. If you feel that it will be hard to win or lose without conjuring awful feelings, play a two-player cooperative video game where you try to complete a game together.

8. Talk

Talking is also sexy. Particularly when you talk about your deepest secrets and your most intense, forbidden fictions. Having a conversation gives time to relax and bond with each other. Resist talking about family issues but instead concentrate on each other. [Read; How to Tell a Girl you Love Her Without Altering a Word]

9. Behave like youths

Behaving like youth is what keeps the fire and affection burning in a relationship. Do not settle into the common feeling of a boring, married couple. Rather, spice it up, and act like teens on your date night.

10. Get comfortable around a cozy fire

Rare things are more romantic than soothing like being in front of a cozy fire. If it is during summer or fall and the climate is nice, try lighting fire outside. If it is during winter, light it in the fireplace, spreading blankets on the floor, and get relaxed with a bottle of wine or precisely an indoor picnic. In case you do not have a fireplace, you can light a group of candles, turn on dim lights, and cuddle each other.

11. Bring up good past memories

Look at your  favorite pictures and videos together, your wedding video or go through old picture albums. This is one of the naughty date night ideas you can employ. Looking through the album can help you remember memories of good times. This is a good means to boost emotional intimacy in your relationship.

Create a date night around reliving old moments as this kind of activity can help gather feelings of memories, which will contribute to shared good emotions and connection. Relationships are always built as much on shared past and occasions.

Ensure to exchange memories and discuss about your shared experiences. You can also share past memories that your partner may not have been a part of, such as glancing through pictures from your boyhood/girlhood till when you met each other. Sharing moments from before you both were together can help you know new things about your spouse you may never have known.

12. Bath together

Spice the love in your relationship by caressing one another in a bath tub during a night date. Give yourselves a relaxing bath by using softening body wash and bath salts. Perfumed candles can spice the bath up too and soft towels can come in handy. Play some easy instrumental music to add more sweet vibes to the show.

13. Wear sexy under wears

Ladies should get some sexy lingerie, and give their boyfriends/husbands a sneak glimpse during dinner. Act like a temptress on the prowl, and get your man all excited and bothered over appetizers. For the men, wear an underwear that will give your babe a glimpse of your package and let her imagine what is awaiting her during s3x. [Read; First Date Tips for Everyone – What Not to Do On your First Date]

14. Massage

Experiencing bliss side-by-side is an amazing means to bond. The comfy pressure of massage helps partners to connect with each other through their bodies. Massage is the final preparation for the late-night personal time in the bedroom that is most times certain to follow.

You can go to a spa and make a night out of it. When done at the spa, go home and relax in bed. Chances are good that you will both be in the mood to make nice, sweet love.  Or, you can get yourselves a masseuse for a massage. If you do not have the money for a couples massage or just do not even want massage from a masseuse, you can do it yourselves.

Take the moment to provide a soothing back massage for one another. Massage is not only sensual, it is a wonderful way to perform something special on your partner. Use a warmed massage stone for an added, unusual spin, or buy some massage bars for lovely additions.

15. Have s3x like never before

Love making is an important aspect of your marriage relationship, as it helps in strengthening the bond between partners. But unfortunately some partners have lost this important part. It is key to employ unusual love making ideas in your date night ideas and plans with your partner.

Although some couple lose out on their sex life once kids set in, but this should not be. Make plans to bring back that sweet romance and love making into your relationship. Make proper arrangements engage in lovemaking without interference from the children. Some of the old sparks should never be neglected like wearing those sexy under wears, lingering, put on some rosy candles, spray rose petals. Explore new s3x positions and apply some lotions, body paints and all to make it all smooth and worthwhile. Spice things up and watch your love grow stronger.



Going outside some basic norms and trying out some naughty date ideas in night times can help spice up things in your relationship, be it dating relationship or marriage. It can help build that strong bond and love between you and your partner, so take up some ideas from our list of naughty date night ideas and see the magic it brings to your relationship.