20 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back to You

If you are going through some breakup issues, then you need to read through this piece “signs your ex will come back. Breaking up with someone you love so much comes with emotional trauma and it’s very challenging moving on with such heartbreaking situation. The one thing that tends to relieve such a situation is the hope your ex will come back to you, even though that may never happen.

While it’s good to be optimistic about having your lover back, it can be very dangerous to your mental health when it doesn’t happen.

Instead of just hoping and wasting time that could be invested into a better relationship, you can just look out for signals that will tell whether to stay or move on with your life. And in this article, we discuss good signs your Ex will come back to you. It will help guide some of your decisions in such moment.

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20 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back

1. Ex gets jealous when you’re with another: A guy that loves you will not stand still seeing you with a person of the opposite sex. The same goes for the girls. If your ex becomes jealous of you at any time, it means that they aren’t over you yet, and there is still a chance of getting back together.

2. Ex family still contacts you: If your ex’s family still welcomes you into their home just like before, it means the news has not gotten to them, and that means there is a probability that your breakup isn’t real. So, be hopeful!

3. Ex monitors you on social media: You will know if your ex-lover monitors you on social media when they indirectly ask about your post on social media or comment on your every post, almost the minute you make them. They might as well get a new profile to monitor you so that you won’t be able to tell that they are still interested in you. If they do this, relax, sip your drink and, await their return, because they are definitely coming back.

4. Ex still ask after your wellbeing: It’s obvious, they still care. If your ex still enquires about your welfare like before or takes care of you, then, he still is very much in love with you and will come to you. This is one of the signs your Ex will come back to you.

5. Ex still ask of your opinion in important matters: This is an indirect way of saying, “You are still important to me”. If they approach you over an important issue, just understand that they can’t do without you, and will come back.

6. Ex still flirts with you: When your lover fixes his/her gaze on you or makes an attempt to hang around you after a breakup, it means that you both are still together. It’s just a matter of time, the relationship will continue from where it stopped.

7. Ex still gives you a sincere compliment: If your lover still tells you of how beautiful or handsome you are even after going his/her separate way, deep down, there is something for you. You just have to wait for a little time.

8. Ex still gives you adequate attention: Attention is the best gift to give to someone who is cherished. If your ex still creates time to be with you no matter how busy he/she would have been, it’s a good sign to note.

9. Ex still speaks well of you after a breakup: It means that his respect, love and, trust are still intact for you. When these are still present, there is bound to be a reconciliation. If he/she talks about you excellently even when you’re not there, it means that he is proud of you.

10. Ex still holds unto your stuff: Usually, after break up, your ex will want to bring all your things back to you, probably because he/she does not want anything to do with you. If your ex doesn’t bring back your things to you, it means that he/she isn’t done with you yet.

11. Ex text and call you frequently: You are in their mind and they can’t get over you. They might have tried, but it didn’t work, and they do not have any other choice than to hook up with you again to save themselves the stress. Not to worry, after some time, he/she will come running back to you.

12. Ex calls you when in trouble: If he/she calls you for help in times of trouble, or for advice on a very important issue, don’t panic because it shows that he/she hasn’t been able to replace you, and this means that you’re still his/her best, and you know what that means; It is one the signs your Ex will come back to you.

13. Ex still contacts your friends: He/she wants to get an authentic updates or first-hand information about you, and the only way to achieve this, is by being close with your good friends. When he/she continuously hang out with your peeps, it shows that he/she is coming back sooner or later.

14. Ex always cook up stories to see you: This might sound funny, but true, and mostly found among the guys. If a man still wants you, but is too egoistic or afraid to say it, he makes excuses to come visit you even in his busy times.

15. Ex visits your family after a breakup: Who else will he/she be looking for in your house aside you. He/she might pretend to come to see your parent, but his/her core reason is to know how you are doing.

16. Ex reply your sentence with an “essay”: This is something that you must be on the lookout for. If you send a five words sentence and your ex replies with an “essay”, it means that they want to engage in a longer conversation with you.

17. Ex does not date another: The reason might be either because your ex wants to enjoy moments with the self before entering into any other relationship, or because he hasn’t found any other person who is like you, or better than you. If you find out your ex does not get into another relationship long after your breakup, there is a probability that you both will come back to each other.

18. You both want the same thing: Goals and visions are one of the major factors that help couples to bond. This is why youngsters are being encouraged to hook up with someone with a similar goal. Nature has a way of bringing people with similar goals together. You both might attend events, conferences, mutual friend’s parties frequently, which will result in you seeing yourselves, and gradually, you both will connect again like never before. This can happen to you.

19. Ex friends treat you with respect: The friends know almost everything about him including your breakup. If your ex is doing well without you, they will not relate with you respectfully like before. Hence, if they do, it means that your ex still respects you and hasn’t said anything bad about you which might mean that after a while, he/she will come back.

20. Ex answers your call immediately you call: It’s a clear sign. If your ex takes your call almost the same time you call, don’t be surprised. He/she must have been sitting beside his/her phone waiting for your call and doesn’t want to miss your call for anything which shows that you’ve been missed terribly.


Good Signs your Ex Secretly Wants Back

Ex frequently bring up beautiful memories: Your ex wants you to have a flashback on the beautiful moments you both spent together which might probably create an avenue or opportunity to reconcile and continue from where you stopped.

Ex tries to make you jealous: A guy can do lots of things to make you want to run back into his arms. This happens mostly when he wants you back but doesn’t want to be seen as a desperate person, hence, he pulls out a strategy to make you come back yourself. Same with ladies, a girl can arrange a meeting with another guy and visit a restaurant she knows is your favourite to make you jealous. If this happens, be sure to know that she is coming back to you.

Ex asks why you both broke up: When this question pops up, be ready to discuss the reason behind your breakup and the reason behind the discussion is reconciliation. He/she is tired of living a life void of you, and wants to have you back, and the good way to achieve that is by tackling the issue that caused the breakup.

Ex initiates eye contact: If he tries to initiate eye contact with you at all costs, he still wants you back. At that point, what he wants to do is to ignite the flame of love within you, he wants you to notice that deep down, he still loves you.

Ex hates it if you introduce you both as friends: A person who still loves you will hate to be introduced as your friend. The best way to know if he/she is not comfortable is by observing his/her countenance once introduced. If this happens, be sure that he/she wants more than being just a friend.

Ex gets into another relationship: When your ex wants to get over you at all costs, he/she will enter into a rebound relationship. When that happens, don’t panic because, after a while, he/she will come out of it, and probably call you to complain about the difficulties that he/she has been experiencing over time.

Ex leaves stuff at your place: It’s a very nice strategy exes use to always come back, and it has always worked for them. If an ex leaves his/her belonging(s) at your place, it means two things; it’s either he/she innocently forgot or pretended to forget to enable him/her access to you after a breakup.


Other Signs your Ex Misses You And Would Want to Come You Back

1. Ex takes undue responsibility: If your ex wants to still take responsibility despite the breakup, it is a good sign. Responsibilities like attempting to fight anyone that gives you discomfort, defend you when you are not present or, provide you with a thing before you even ask for it, it means he is not totally out of the relationship yet, and will still come back to you.

2. Ex boast of their success after a breakup: Be guided, the reason behind his boasting isn’t to get you angry but to make you want to run back to him. If he continuously tells you about his improvement, don’t keep a straight face or become angry. Just make sure you leave him/her with a smile.

3. You broke up because of distance: Distance has brought so many relationships to an end against the wish of those involved. If you both loved yourself, your ex might make a serious effort to bond with you again.

4. Ex parent still calls you: Mothers have a way of bonding with their children’s partners, especially the ones that they believe will be of benefit to their children. If your ex’s mother still calls you even after separation, there is a probability that you both will come back to each other because she will keep talking about you to your ex until that happens.

5. Your instinct believes he will come back: There will always be that part of your mind that will tell you the truth no matter what. If your inner mind tells you that your relationship will come back to normal, it’s advisable that you believe and wait for it.

6. Ex’s friends report him/her to you: If your ex’s friends report his/her misconduct to you long after separation, it means that you’re still in charge and you are the one they know as his/her partner.

7. You both broke up on good terms: A lot of people go their separate ways because of issues that might be mild, but couldn’t be handled at that time, probably because of inefficiency. If this is your case, your relationship might still enhance if you both grow past that stage and are still relating with each other.


These signs are valid. If you suspect your ex is exhibiting these characteristics, exercise patience and wait for the time he/she will openly declare his/her return but before you wait, ensure you be on a lookout for signs to prevent the occurrence of another heartbreak.

If the opposite of these signs occurs, then, you must dust your clothes and move on. No matter how hard it will be, don’t in any way lower your standard by pleading to be loved because you are your best. Live your life as a normal individual and enjoy your existence.