10 Tips for Dating a Single Mom: Helpful Advice for Dating a Single Mother

Dating is a complicated experience. You need to pay close attention to plenty of factors, ranging from what you wear to what you talk about. But when it comes to dating a single mom, things get even more challenging. Still, you shouldn’t feel discouraged! There are plenty of tips on how to date a single mom that can help you in the long run. So, if you got your eyes on an available single mom, this article is for you. Next, we shared our insights on how to date a single mom starting today!

First things first: what you need to know about dating a single mom?

Dating a single mom comes with a couple of unspoken rules. So, make sure you pay attention to the following before using the 10 tips for dating a single mom listed next.

  1. Her child will always come first
  2. She might not come with a baggage
  3. She doesn’t need saving
  4. She doesn’t need questions about how to raise kids on your first date
  5. She doesn’t require you to be jealous of her ex
  6. She doesn’t require you to play games and waste her time
  7. She will present her child to you when she thinks it is best
  8. She expects you to be honest and tell her how you feel

10 Tips for dating a single mom

1. Ask her out fast: a single mom has a tight schedule!

The first one of the tips for dating a single mom is to get your life together. You need to be direct and tell her what you want. Besides, asking her out frankly allows her to fit you in her schedule. Single moms usually have plenty to cover for, and they might need some time to find a sitter, for example.

2. Show interest in her kid, but don’t make the entire discussion about it

A single mom will appreciate you taking an interest in her little one. So, dating a single mom might start with you, showing a decent interest in her family. If you avoid mentioning her kid, she might think you don’t have serious intentions with her. Or she will mistakenly believe you’re not into kids at all! Be careful about this!

3. Reassure her it is ok to be a single mom

Many single moms avoid dating because they feel like men don’t understand them. So, an excellent tip for dating a single mom is to let her know you have nothing against her situation. Also, reassuring the lady that you really like kids is a good approach, too.

4. Avoid making assumptions like ‘She is a single mom, so she must be broke’

Many men think that a single mom is automatically broke. She might be, or she might not. Don’t make any assumptions, and always look forward to discussing with your lady as openly as possible.

5. Avoid assuming that every single mom looks for a new dad for her kid

Well, the most important thing you should know about dating a single mom is that their kid already has a dad (or they not, if he sadly passed away). This means that you should never assume you are checked out as a parent. A single mom will look at you as her potential romantic partner. And, with time, you might gain a special place in her kid’s life, too. But until then, just focus on your new relationship.

6. It might be a good idea to pay the check if she’s out with you and paying for a sitter

Of course, this is not an obligatory rule for dating single moms. But if you want to make a good impression and help her out, it might be a good idea to cover for the bill when she is paying for a sitter. For example, if you’re taking turns for covering the bill, and she rearranges her life to get out of the house, she does her best to spend as much time as she can with you. So, you can subtly acknowledge and appreciate that by covering the bill even if it is her turn.

7. Make sure you show plenty of patience and allow her to fit you in her schedule without pressure

Indeed, you might be eager to see her again. But it is best to be patient on asking her about her free time. Continually asking her when she is free might make you look like you’re reluctant to date a single mom. Just show some interest in her life, including motherhood, and ask how you can help her sort things out.

8. Avoid assuming she won’t go out when her kids are at home

Usually, people think that single moms can’t leave the premises of their homes when the kids are not at school. But did you know that if a single mom is interested in dating you, she will gladly accept your proposal to go out? All you have to do is ask her in advance so she can book a sitter or make arrangements with a relative.

9. Let her suggest you meeting the kid

Urging her to introduce you to her kids will only make her run away. So, the best advice on dating a single mom is to wait for her to feel comfortable introducing her kid. She is the only one who knows the adequate time for this move.

10. Acknowledge that she has more work to do when she invites you over

When you ask her over to your place, you don’t have that much to prepare. But when a single mom asks you to her home, she will have to cover for anything ranging from removing kids’ toys from the living room to cooking a romantic dinner.

The bottom line

Well, this is how to date a single mom and be successful. Just make sure you are honest and avoid playing games. From that point on, you will most likely figure everything out together!

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