12 Signs His Love is Not Real But Fake In The Relationship

Ladies, let’s all get something straight! Just because a man says ‘I love you’ and ticks every box on your list doesn’t mean it’s true. And most often, detecting those attributes and signs his love is not real can be so hard, most especially if you’re such a less sensitive person in her own relationship.

Yes, I know that may sound surprising to you, but it is the truth! Ladies are often guilty of looking out for the things they want to see.

In doing this, our judgments are often clouded and hence restrict us from identifying the apparent signs we should be paying attention to.

Sadly, the world we live in is characterized by fake relationships, heartbreaks, love that is not real, divorces, and lies. Social media has made it worse, leading to many young adults giving up on love even before they experience it.

What is even worse is that millions of individuals across the globe have accepted the belief that true love does not exist – and sadly so.

They tend to focus on building the façade and play their part in the script – until the drama comes to a tragic end, rather than channel genuine effort into creating meaningful relationships.

Perhaps men are not helping matters as they are accused of not taking their relationships seriously and often engaged in acts of cheating.

Cheating in relationships has become an acceptable norm today, and more ladies are becoming to accept what they perceive to be the status quo – that all men cheat!

The truth is that when a man is not faithful to a woman or when his love is not real, he leaves many signs which women overlook. This is often because they are very focused on the material gains and protection they are enjoying in the relationship.

Below, I have highlighted some signs that prove his love for you is not real, but fake!

Sadly, these are signs that have existed in your relationship for a long time, but you didn’t pay enough attention to them.

Well, as the saying goes, it is never too late to learn and make amends. So, let’s get into it! Better late than never, right?
Your man’s love for you is not real if he exhibits the following.

So you should watch out when you notice the following signs because you are likely to be with a partner who doesn’t love you for real.

Signs His Love is Not Real But Fake

1. He is only romantic when he wants to get something

When your partner ignores your needs for romance and intimacy but is only concerned with satisfying their selfish desires, then there is a problem.

Ladies must understand that if you are with a man who cares only about his satisfaction and pays little or no interest in what you want and demand as a woman, you should know that the love is somewhat not genuine.

2. He pays little or no attention to your opinions

One simple truth we have to understand is that when someone lacks interest in you or does not love you genuinely, they will not value what you are saying to them.

Even when it is a suggestion that will benefit them, they will not accept it or pay attention to it because it is coming from you.

In that case, if you tell them a fake relationship quote like, “Don’t use someone just for your benefit because you don’t know how much it hurts when they will know the truth,” it will not even register with them.

3. You do not have meaningful conversations with them

When a man does not love you genuinely, not only will he not listen to you, he will not have meaningful conversations with you.

Ladies must be fully aware that relationships are built on meaningful conversations that improve both parties.

Your conversations must not involve one party imposing on the other; rather, it should be an exchange of ideas and opinions towards achieving a common mutual goal.

Watch out; if your conversations are always dull and dry, then that is a red flag!

4. He is only kind to you in public

Do you have a partner who is only kind to you when he is in public or around friends? If your answer is yes, then this is a sign that he doesn’t love you genuinely, and his affection is fake.

If he loves and pampers you in front of people but is not like that when you are alone, he is only using you for show-off.

Please do not fall for the cute pecks and kisses he gives you in public. If he doesn’t hug you in private like he does when you are out with friends, it is never real.

5. He hasn’t introduced you to his parents

One of the signs to know that a guy is serious with his relationship and leading somewhere is if he introduces you to his parents.

Incorporating you into the family and having no issues introducing you as his partner in family events is a way to know that a man is serious with you.

If he doesn’t take you to meet with his family members and gives you flimsy reasons why he is not doing this, then there is a problem. This one point is one of the strongest signs his love is not real if you are in a serious relationship with himyou can ask a male friend!

6. He doesn’t engage in romance after sex

What does your partner do after a mind-blowing round of sex? It is complicated to use sex as a factor in determining whether a man loves you or not because men can have mind-blowing sex with their partners even if they do not love them genuinely.

You may have a great sex life even though he doesn’t love you for real, but what happens after the sex?
Does he kiss you after the act?

Does he cuddle you in the sheets, bring you coffee in bed, or laugh with you? These are things that a man who genuinely loves you will do. So, if he is not, watch out!

7. Is he someone you can boldly say you know?

One red flag that many ladies need to pay attention to is the one that involves identity.

Do you know your man enough? Does he exhibit traits or say things that surprise you, leaving you with concerns about how much you think you know him?

Are there times that things happen, and it dawns on you that you have been with a stranger all along?

If your partner exhibits a different personality to you and a different one to others, then it means something is wrong somewhere.

Does he have interests and hobbies that you might be completely unaware of, and he has never mentioned to you? Then that is a red flag!

8. He doesn’t talk of the future

Let’s face it and stop beating around the bush. A man that doesn’t love you genuinely does not see a future with you.

When a man truly loves a woman, he will constantly talk of the future with her.

If your partner doesn’t talk to you about future prospects or how he intends to spend the rest of his life with you, then it means he doesn’t see you or want you in his future.

Do not be deceived; just because he flaunts you on social media doesn’t mean he has you in his plans.

If he is not talking to you about the goals and is not planning with you, then there is every indication that he doesn’t want you in his future, so beware!

9. He doesn’t apologize after a fight

If you have a fight with your man and he doesn’t apologize or console you, there is an issue. It would help if you were careful to take note of how misunderstandings are handled in your relationship.

Does your partner sweep issues under the carpet? After a quarrel or fight, does he act like your feelings don’t mean anything and you have no right to be angry?

If your answer to the question is yes, then it appears you are not genuinely loved in your relationship.

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10. Are you Being Ignored?

One of the signs that his love is not for real is if he always chooses to ignore you despite your feelings and condition.

During your downer days or difficult phases, a man that doesn’t love you will never be available to give you the comfort you need.

If your partner always abandons and leaves you to cater for yourself in your trying times, rather than pull his strength to support you in your trying times, then there is a problem.

There might be no spark in your meetings, and your partner might often ignore you.

11. He doesn’t take your dates, plans, or schedules seriously

When he doesn’t love you genuinely, he will not take your schedules or plans seriously. If your man cannot spend time with you, then it means you are not as loved as you think you are.

For example, if the both of you make plans on being somewhere but he changes his mind at the last minute over another

issue or appointment, then there is a huge possibility that he doesn’t love you as much as you might presume.

12. Is he always talking about his Ex?

When your man is constantly comparing you to his Ex or talking about them while with you, then it means he never really loves you in the first place.

If your partner still misses his Ex and is always talking about how lovely and wonderful they are. You need to be very careful because you are not genuinely loved.

As his partner, you should be the only woman occupying his thoughts. He should not compare you to his Ex. If he does, it means he has a high chance of going back to her.

It is better to leave him to focus on getting back with her rather than enduring the torture.

And that’s all that there is on our major points on signs his love is not real but fake in your relationship with him!

Those are Our Points On Signs of Fake Love from a Man in a Relationship!


Walking out of a relationship is never an easy decision, but it is best always to make decisions in your favor.

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