How to Find Women Seeking Men In Los Angeles | Women Dating In LA

Do you live in Los Angeles? And do you want to find women seeking men in L.A? If so, this article if for you! According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 50% of L.A. residents are single. So, dating in Los Angeles shouldn’t be mission impossible. And since we’re always here to help, we created a list with all the dating tips for the Los Angeles area. Let’s see how to find single women in L.A! You will be amazed by how simple it is!

  1. Think about Los Angeles, its size, neighborhoods, and commutes

You might think this is not as important as other dating tips. But as you probably know, Los Angeles is a big city. And even though everyone says love can overcome all sorts of barriers, commuting in L.A. is not one of them. Hence, you don’t want to lose a partner because of how tricky it is to move around. Life is too short to spend more than an hour in traffic to date someone. So, we recommend you start by researching dating places in L.A. near you. Finding women seeking men in Los Angeles can be simpler if you look near you.

  1. Focus on making friends and not on meeting your soulmate

We know you long to find a single lady in L.A., But dating experts say that you shouldn’t overdo it. So, instead of being persistent in finding your other half, you can start by making new friends. Going out and having fun will get you the chance to meet possible dating partners through mutual friends. Hence, we encourage you to surround yourself with people with similar interests and hobbies as yours. Chances are your soulmate is among them!

  1. Attend Los Angeles meetups

Our preferred way to meet single ladies in Los Angeles is by attending meetups. And if you’re not a fan of crowded bars or clubs, this might be the perfect solution for you, too! So, attending L.A. meetups will let you discover women with similar interests as yours. Just make sure you go for neighborhood events, Facebook group events, or even online dating sites events. Anyhow, there are plenty of groups for people who enjoy hiking, cooking, food, and so on that organize regular meetups in Los Angeles.

  1. Go to a singles bar

Who says that the old fashion way doesn’t work? There are plenty of singles bars in Los Angeles where you can meet women seeking men. So, you can spend your Friday evening at one of the following top selections we have: the Block Party in Highland Park, the Bungalow in Santa Monica, the Everson Royce Bar in the Arts District, or the Idle Hour in North Hollywood. Of course, there are plenty of other singles bars all across the city, meaning that you can do a personalized search in your neighborhood.

  1. Consider Speed Dating in Los Angeles

Don’t label speed dating as something older adults do. This is a fantastic dating idea you should take advantage of! There are several speed dating events in Los Angeles, such as games or themed nights. Also, speed dating can be personalized according to your preferences. So, look for something that makes you feel comfortable and go confidently to your next date!

  1. Don’t forget to attend Los Angeles singles events

Since this is a multi-cultural city, Los Angeles does its best to suit the need of all its residents. And this is the main reason why you will find in the city singles events. Several concerts, dance nights, or hikes are organized regularly in L.A., so that single people meet one another. And who knows? Maybe at one of those single events, you will stumble upon a single lady seeking men in Los Angeles!

  1. Join Los Angeles singles chat rooms

Even though it might seem outdated, there are still plenty of singles chat rooms for the Los Angeles area. And these chats get you the chance to reach out online to women seeking men in Los Angeles. You can chat about your romantic expectations, life goals, or your favorite hobbies. But no matter what subject you opt for, it is a great place to start searching for your next date in L.A. some of the leading chat rooms in Los Angeles are,, and

  1. Volunteer to one of the local organizations

Volunteering has always been the best way to meet women. And you know why? Well, the reason is quite straightforward: ladies love men who get involved in good causes. And since you’re living in L.A., there are plenty of places where you can do some volunteering. You can do this at your neighborhood church, a sports club, or other philanthropic organizations.

  1. If you’re bold enough, post an ad

Los Angeles’s personal ads are similar to online dating websites. You add some personal data, along with your dating expectations. And many websites offer you access to such services. Some of the top choices for Los Angeles personal ads for dating sites include,, and

  1. Consider joining a leading Los Angeles online dating website

And if you are more comfortable sitting at home and searching for women seeking men in Los Angeles, you can always join an online dating siteThere are plenty of sites that let you choose a location, preference, ethnicity, and many other factors for accurate suggestions. Our top choices are, OurTime.Com,, and the app Zoosk.

The bottom line

So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways that let you find women seeking men in Los Angeles. All you need is patience and attention to detail. And, of course, you shouldn’t quit this task with the first disappointment. Dating comes with its perks, so you should prepare yourself to face some challenges. Don’t forget that finding a new partner can happen when you expect it the least! So, make sure you try one or more of the tips listed above. We believe you will find a single lady in L.A. in little to no time!