Facebook Single Men And Women On Facebook; How to Dating On Facebook Works

At first, Facebook was all about reaching out to your friends. But now it went even further! This platform launched Facebook Dating (Facebook dating to meet single men and women) to overcome competitors like Tinder, Bumble, and similar dating apps. It comes with excellent infrastructure and reliable data to identify the matches that suit you. Read on to find out if Facebook Dating is what you need to find your next partner!

Which are the pros and cons of Facebook Dating App?

As it is the case with any online dating feature, there are both advantages and disadvantages with Facebook Dating. Here are our insights on this!

The main advantages of using Facebook Dating are:

1. Impressive profiles are simple to create and set up

2. Easy to connect with Instagram and other Facebook services

3. Facebook Dating doesn’t share your information on your actual Facebook profile

4. Free-of-charge and readily-available

5. No need to download anything else than the Facebook app, it is same as Facebook dating app

The main disadvantages of using Facebook Dating are:

1. No desktop version

2. No built-in video chat

3. Can’t be used without a Facebook account

4. Facebook has a long track record when it comes to misplacing user data

Chats on Facebook Dating are limited to text and GIFs; you can’t share links, photos, or videos

And when it comes to features, Facebook dating offers similar filters as other online dating apps:

How to use Facebook Dating to meet Single Men And Women

This feature has an interface similar to your Facebook profile. So, you won’t have to worry about learning how to use it! The Facebook Dating section can be used by tapping the heart-shaped button on the menu. And you can identify this menu at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You can Tap on a profile to see a detailed portrait of your match. Or you can scroll down to see more pictures, their bio, answers to personality questions, and even a selection of their Instagram feed. What we liked most about using Facebook Dating was that you could search for your match based on interests or groups you’re part of. The downside is that you risk meeting people you already know.

So, to get you started with Facebook Dating, you’ll have to:

  1. Access your Facebook App
  2. Tap on the upper right area menu
  3. Click on Dating and get redirected to the Facebook Dating Section
  4. Tap on Get Started and submit your profile details
  5. Facebook will automatically set up a dating profile and suggest matches

Facebook Dating has its ups and downs, but after all, it is a great place to start searching for a partner. You never know what surprises lay ahead of you!